What? They’re cavemen. They don’t so much have Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs as Maslow’s Flat Bit at the Bottom that Includes Food and Sex.

I’ve been playing Halo 4, and I suppose it’s somewhat to blame for this one. I got thinking about all those precursor species you see in sci-fi that have a bit of fun with humankind’s genetic makeup. Perhaps this is the cynicism of having just lived through another presidential election here in the United States, but when I look around this Great Land of Ours, I can’t help but think “if this is what some ancient race of all-powerful aliens was looking to create, then they’re either not nearly as smart as they think they are or they’re complete assholes.”

I mean, seriously. If I’m supposed to be imbued with the genetic legacy destined to unlock the universe’s secrets, why did I just write so awful a run-on sentence?