I mean, really? You’re going to lose your shit and starting freaking out just because an 8-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide alien with a plasma rifle capable of annihilating a Buick in one shot shook off a rocket to the face and is now charging your position? That’s all it takes? You people sicken me.

So, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is pretty fucking great. I’ve played entirely too much of it since it dropped last week, which is why you’re getting one of the dreaded Video Game Comic Strips today. Then again, given the general brutality of X-Com, which the new XCOM fully (one might even say gleefully) embraces, I think this still counts for our vague horror theme of the month.

My short review? Undeniably true to the spirit of the original game. Extremely slick visual presentation. Mostly streamlined in good ways. Interface is superb, except when it’s dumb. Damn fine soundtrack. Some underwhelming story beats. Damn good strategy, as you’d expect from Firaxis. Buggy as hell, as you’d expect from Firaxis. Overall, just a hell of a game.

In fact, I’mma go play s’more right now. These poorly-funded, ill-trained, and staggeringly-outnumbered men and women aren’t going to put themselves into the ground. Indeed, I’m kinda hoping the bodies will stack up high enough that the smell will put the invaders off the whole invasion idea.