And the caveman TV saga continues. Not that I can really blame poor Zog for being angry. Man Stabbing Deer is an arc-heavy show, and missing even part of an episode can really put you in the dark.

When I first scripted this, his line originally read “who taped over.” Speaking of being ancient, sheesh.

Doing these caveman strips are, I do admit, a little bit like cheating. The art’s largely recycled and the joke is, more or less, the same. I’m not sure I care, though. It’s my website. Mine! And I’ll drive this god damn joke right off a cliff if I want to! You, as my readership, are merely the people in the backseat. Scream all you like, this car is going down in whatever blaze of glory I so desire. Oh, what, you think you can stop me? You think you can take me?! Well climb up here – if you’re man enough – and just try it, pal!

…Wait. I think I might have lost my analogy.

In any event, yay cavemen! I oughta get back to some of my other recurring characters, though. Haven’t seen the pirates in a while. And I wonder what those barbarians have been up to. Oh yeah, and didn’t this website used to have a robot for a mascot?