Sometimes, you just wanna feel useful.

You’d think if I had all week to come up with this thing that I wouldn’t have so much trouble pulling a few words out of my head. You would be mistaken! I am finding myself strangely bereft of verbiage. But, more pressingly, I’ve also been focusing on That New Thing I’m Writing. It’s coming along okay, I think. My parter is helping keep me on track. I’ve got a schedule and everything, no foolin’! Sketched Comedy was (and, truthfully, remains) a rather slapdash sort of production. I wanna get this New Thing right. Unfortunately, that means I don’t have anything to show off.

Well, I do, but you can’t look. ‘Cause it’s not done yet. ‘Cause this is hard. And hard stuff is difficult.

…Okay, I suppose it’d be shitty to just leave it at that. And, much as I enjoy being shitty, I’d rather share. The way we’ve got the schedule broken out now, I think I can start running the new strip next month. I’ve got a cast I like, a handful of storylines that are slowly congealing, and some first stabs at art. But there’s still a shitload more art to do. The scripts need a second draft in some cases and a first draft in others. So. Y’know. Stuff is happenin’, I swear.

Oh, and I hope you folks enjoy people being silly on spaceships, because that’s where this shitshow is headed. I mean, it had to be that, really. As I have demonstrated here today, I clearly can’t be trusted with superheroes.