It suddenly occurs to me that I do, on occasion, tell some really dumb jokes. Feels good.

Speaking of feelings, I always feel weird utilizing this space as something that might be considered a more traditional blog. (A word I would abhor if it weren’t so much damn fun to say.) I don’t even really feel comfortable calling this section the “blog” section, as that implies that I should use this space to pontificate on the general goings-on of my life. I just can’t imagine anybody really gives a crap what I’m up to. After all, you’re just here for the jokes, and rightly so. Thus, I try to use this little block of text to slip in some more jokes in paragraph form.

Sadly, this does not always work, as you can see clearly demonstrated here.

And so it is, with no jokes popping into my diseased brain and no desire to bore you with the details of my daily routine, that we find ourselves at something of a content impasse. In times like these, I find the best course of action is to ramble on for a few short paragraphs in a sort of text shell game, hoping that nobody notices you’re not really saying anything of merit. With any luck, they’ll keep reading it to see if you’re going anywhere, and you get to sit back and say to yourself “ah, look at all those paragraphs I produced!” In other words, you stall in order to pad the website.

…There’s a chance, however slim, that I might not be very good at this. And yet despite this, here I am, contemplating more ways to bring The Funny. ‘Tis a damned ship we ride, my friends.