Yup, that’s me, puttin’ dat “slash” in “hack and slash.”

So I recently completed a run through the awfully named DmC Devil May Cry, and really enjoyed my time with it. Indeed, I almost immediately dove into the first unlockable difficulty level. I’d be playing it right now if this lousy webcomic didn’t draw itself. ‘Tis a fine addition to a fine legacy.

Mind you, it’s not without issues. There are some story bits I don’t care for, and some character stuff that made me really uncomfortable, but the gameplay is rock fucking solid. On a scale of 1 to 7 frogs, I’d give it a solid fuchsia.  Good work, Ninja Theory! I take back (most of) what I said when you unveiled this potential train wreck.

Man, 2013 is only one month in and already shaping up to be weird. I came into this year hating the DMC reboot and chomping at the bit for the SimCity reboot. Turns out DMC is a blast, while EA is doing everything in its power to ruin SimCity. Anytime you wanna start making sense, Life, you just let me know, ‘kay? I really wouldn’t mind.