What? They gotta practice somewhere, don’t they?

It’s good to revisit these characters and give their designs a much needed update. I originally wanted the big dude with the sick tats to have a knife in his teeth, but I found it difficult to convey that correctly. Which is to say, it looks like someone had just stabbed him in the mouth. And, while grotesque facial injuries are not outside the norm for pirates, it would be somewhat at odds here with the sheer glee on display. It’s hard to be happy when there’s a knife sticking out of your head.

Trust me on this one.

I do need to revisit how I draw kids, though. I fear she looks more at home in the Shire than on a playground. While this webcomic is quite silly, it’s not that silly. Or perhaps it is, but I’m just living in denial right now. We may never know.