Sure, it took them eight weeks to get the big guy to say “hooah,” but it was totally worth it.

While they certainly make for good movies and the odd video game, the idea of a living biological weapon is not without its flaws. Sure, it’d be cool to have the fully-autonomous, nigh-invulnerable, super-strong, terror-inducing killing machine, but what are you going to feed it? Where do you keep it? Who has to clean up after its (quite possibly acidic) poo? Every global megacorporation always sees the end results of the biological super-weapon and says “yup, sign me up!” They never look past the dead bodies and gibbering survivors to see the very real logistical nightmare that keeping Frankenstein around presents.

Look, be megalomanical all you want. Just, y’know, be reasonable about it. You could have bought a bomb with that money. Probably a lot of bombs. Bombs that don’t poop.