Just give it a second. It’ll come to you. Or it won’t. Be you laughing uproariously or scratching your head in befuddlement, I’ve accomplished my job regardless.

I’ve seen Who fans occasionally use the phrase “my Doctor,” and if I were to make such a decision I suppose I would have to say that Tennant is definitely “my” Doctor. But Tom Baker is the Doctor I wish was mine. His choice of headgear certainly doesn’t hurt, but I just love the insane energy he brings to the character. Hartnell was grumpy, Troughton a bit weasly, and Pertwee — while frighteningly charming — was hampered by being stuck on Earth most of the time. But Baker had that wonderful mad flare, that “let’s go out there and poke the universe with a stick” that I love about the Doctor.

It doesn’t hurt, either, that he ran with both Leela and K-9, easily the best companion-pairing the show has had. I shall not have this questioned.

Uh, and a brief side-note to stem the obvious outcry. I know the Doctor’s name isn’t “Doctor Who,” and thus, the joke is technically off a bit. My response is only that Doctor Who is, itself, a bit rubbish, and thus so should any jokes made at its expense.