(A small note: I forgot to include a hover-over gag in Monday’s strip. Whoopsie! That’s fixed now, if reading small hidden sentence is the sort of thing you’re in to.)

I worry, sometimes, that things aren’t silly enough. Then, I correct this state of affairs.

While perhaps not my finest work – and certainly not my deepest – these last two strips have allowed me to finally start getting the wheels turning on getting ahead of my production line. This is in stark contrast to the desperate last-minute leaps out of the exploding buildings that I have been doing ever since I migrated the site from Comic Fury. Feels good.

Now that it’s been just over a year, I suppose I should start finding more ways to push this comedic abomination in front of more people. Alas, that’s the part of this I find the most tricky. ProjectWonderful is a nice starting point, but like all things in life, networking is key. But… all those people with all their thoughts and opinions. Why, I’d have to talk to them! What do I say? How should I act? What if they – *gasp* – don’t like me?!

Nope. Changed my mind. Gonna stay here. Where it’s safe.