Is it October yet? No? Why not?

Now don’t get me wrong, at it’s core the whole Slenderman idea is pretty spooky.  I was right there with SomethingAwful. I dutifully watched Marble Hornets. Found it all quite creepy. Y’know, three years ago.

I’m trying, with no small amount of desperation, to not start hating just because this “Slender mythos” has gotten crazy popular. But, man, come on. This guy is in friggin’ Doctor Who now! The whole mess just reminds me what what went we through with Sadako. Yeah, remember when The Ring was still scary? Remember how it was followed by this period of “okay, all ghosts will look like this going forward?” Remember how crap that was? Can we please, please, please not do this again? Good horror is hard to find.

This is the part where I could get crazy cynical about how The Internet Ruins Everything, but I’d rather end this with an observation I observed while sketching this. Slenderman and Sadako are basically creeped out versions of Lurch and Cousin It. Which leads me to believe that I’ve stumbled upon some deeper Da Adams Code conspiracy, here.

I’ll have to look into this.