It’s a gas.

I suspect the reason this happened is because my girlfriend has been watching a lot of Poirot. I have no particular affinity for Agatha Christie — indeed, I don’t really care for mysteries at all — but┬áDavid Suchet’s take on the fussy little Belgian is an absolute delight. He rides the fine line between “eccentric” and “complete asshat” in way I haven’t seen since like the like of Jeremy Brett. Jeremy Brett, if you aren’t familiar, is Sherlock Holmes. This if fact. I will fight you over this. With, like, knives and shit.

Actually, come to think of it, I’d kinda like to see Poirot try and take Holmes. Oh sure, ol’ Sherlock has fencing, boxing, and heroin on his side, but don’t count our friend Hercule out. I’m pretty sure that┬ámustache has killed before.