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Safe Sex

Safe Sex

For me, the most terrifying part of this scene is that those two are wearing my high school colors. Chilling.

Normally, this would be the part where a funny rant (or “meandering diatribe,” if you want to get technical) goes. But, uh, so… XCOM: Enemy Unknown is out? Yeah. I’ll be honest. It’s a small miracle this comic even got produced. Um, but, well, hang, I’m sure something will come to me. There’s gotta be something punchy and clever that I can write about slasher films or teenagers screwing or machetes or something. Any minute now.

Boy, that… killer sure… didn’t see that one… “coming?” There. That’s innuendo. I’mma go play some more XCOM.


You XCOM people, I am in the middle of a Borderlands 2 thing. You can’t stop chasing the dragon just because all of your friends are riding the white pony.

What’s that about Borderlands? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of all these brave men and women defending the Earth by murdering legions of tiny grey aliens. I’m afraid you’ll either need to speak up or be more awesome.

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