If you can’t trust a smile like that, what can you trust?

Fairy tales are pretty cool, but I won’t even try to pretend like I’m one of those quirky creatives who’s waaaaay into those timeless tales of mutilation and fear. I mean, sure, I find stories about  people getting eaten alive, hacking off hunks their own feet, or dancing to death as funny as the next person, but they hold no particular reverence for me. Alas, those tales as I know them are all through the lens of Disney.

Which leaves me to pondering. I’m not which which is worse: regaling your child with Clive Barker-esque visions of torture and vengeance, or damning them to the inane, saccharine abyss of being a faithful cog in Disney’s child-moulding machine.

Sheesh. Good thing we have video games to side-step all that shit, huh?