Some comics just speak for themselves. Kinda wish I’d done one of those kinds of comics, in retrospect.

Trying to poke at art stuff a little more, and refine my stuff a bit. I’d like to think I’ve managed to make a little progress in the last year and a half, but there’s still a ton left to learn.  So I experiment.

The lady in panel one, for example, finally has something approaching reasonable hair. Speaking of which, I’ve started adding little highlights to those. We’ll see if that works out. Also, I wanted to draw something non-human, so a lion found its way into two panels. And I’m still looking for that middle ground between “serviceable background” and “floating around in the Comic Void somewhere.” So, y’know. Art stuff is happen at place of here.

Hey, speaking of art stuff happening, my good friend Dan has started posting new strips over at Manifest Destiny again! Go read his stuff! Go, go, go! That dude has proper scribbles on his page, and he’s been known to make a joke or two. You’ll dig it, trust me.

Oh, one other thing. Lions float. Like, on air. So the perspective in panel three is totally not completely fucked. Check your science, man. Lions float.