I warned back in February that more cavemen were coming. Actually, I think I threatened more cavemen, strictly speaking. Regardless, cavemen I desired and cavemen I delivered. And I have yet more of these. Stay tuned. God help ya, stay tuned.

Truth be told, this one was kiiiiinda rushed out the door with a kick in the butt and a shout of “good luck!” I still haven’t fully recovered, creatively, from getting the site migrated and looking nice. I think I accidentally burnt myself out a little. So this one got slapped together with all the love and affection one typically finds mere hours before a deadline. Y’know. None. Be thankful I even spellchecked theĀ  damn thing.

Wait. Did I spellcheck this strip…?

Regardless, I made it. I had to reach back under the rapidly descending cave wall to snatch the hat I lost as I slid under, sure, but I made it. And at the end of the day, I’m sure that’s all the matters. And any errors that crept in or corner that had to be cut, well, they’re not that big a deal. The Internet is nothing if not a kind, understanding, and ultimately forgiving place of compassion and reason, right?