The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between. It is not, however, nearly so funny.

Computers and I have gotten along reasonably amicably over the years. I ask it to entertain and inform me, it asks that I don’t ask it exactly how it goes about doing that. We have an understanding. I suppose I’ve transgressed this a little of late, what with trying to set up this website and all. It fumed and huffed and roared a bit, as I forced my way into WordPress and started making demands. In the end, however, I quickly subdued The Beast. See, all I had to do was I exert my dominance by simply pointing out that I’m the only one in this fight that constitutes a sentient being.

That’s when I realized I was yelling at an inanimate object, and went and had a nice little lie down.

Things just sorta fell into place after that.