Put down the pencil. Please. I can’t have the police thinking I’m mopping up blood with these things.

Hoh-kay, so I kinda phoned it in on this one. And I’m afraid the news only gets worse. Going forward, I will only be updating Sketched Comedy on Mondays. Last week was sort of an experiment. I used the time normally devoted to the Thursday strip to instead work on Mystery Project X. Here’s the good news. That actually worked out really well for me. By redirecting that creative energy I normally channel into Sketched Comedy, I was able to get a shitload of work done on Mystery Project X. Work that just wasn’t getting done otherwise.

Alas, this means you won’t be seeing as much stuff out of me in the coming days, as Mystery Project X doesn’t have anything for me to post. But it does mean that — with any luck — I’ll have something even better for you down the road a bit.  Or, if not strictly better, something different. I’ll have something, in any event. Can’t wait to show it to you folks.

Just as soon as I’ve, uh… Made it.