Or “gentlemen.” Whichever. He’s not picky, I suspect.

Really, this seems like the natural extension of any intelligent species that wears that much fishnet on a day-to-day basis. Oh sure, you’d like to chalk it up to them being alien, and therefore incomprehensible to our fleshy human minds. Not the case, I assure. These people are not making a simple fashion statement. They made a lifestyle choice.

That bottom skull I used in the background there looks vaguely familiar to me, but fucked if I could remember where I’ve seen it before. Perhaps I dreamed it up because the shape suited my needs, or perhaps I’ve replicated some be-horn’ed critter’s dome. It’s always nice when, upon doing something you feel weird about, you ask your brain a question and it simply replies with a half-hearted “i’unno.” Thanks, brain. Thanks loads. If you know what the hell that skull is, feel free to leave a comment in designed commenting area.

And now I shall go write and draw some more jokes, a process which looks exactly like this.