Now I know what you’re thinking. “Aren’t there supposed to be jokes on this website? It does have the word ‘comedy’ right there in the URL.” That’s a fair criticism. I have prepared a statement. Ahem.

Hey, look over there at that other thing!

Sorry about kinda phoning it in today. I don’t know if you noticed but last week was a little nuts. The craziness in Boston was So Crazy that when a town in Texas exploded, it barely registered as news. So y’know, I’ve been a little distracted. When I wasn’t distracted by news, I was making all sorts of great progress on Mystery Project X. And then, on top of all that, I briefly got sick. Awesome.┬áThus, you good folks get a small-y this week. Apologies.

And if it looks like I’m just making excuses for a poor performance up there, let me reassure you that I totally am. Oops. For what it’s worth, I posted some stuff on my Twitter feed about Dat New Thing I’m Working On. Maybe you’ll like?