I sure drew a lot of feet this week. Will have to look into what’s causing that.

Long, interesting blog posts are for people who have energy. I am not one of those people. I am, instead, hip deep in the shit helping Steve Jackson Games deal with their Ogre Kickstarter project. As of this writing it’s up over $700,000 and has, like, 6.9 trillion backers or something? I dunno. It’s certainly what it feels like. They have so many questions. They are Legion.

But it still pays better than this gig, so I’ll take it. For now, at least. I’m sure I’ll crack under the pressure sooner or later. I’m pretty sure that’s one of our stretch goals for the project.

Anyway, if you’re wondering why you’re getting a short comic and a short blog post, that’s why. Go blame Steve Jackson and his amazing colossal Ogre game. That whole thing is grotesquely overblown in every conceivably way. Me? I’mma go take a nap, then maybe try and bash together a couple more comics for next week.