Heh heh. Butt joke.

Still trying to get back into my production rhythm after migrating the site. It turns out that if you do something consistently for a couple weeks, and then take a week or so off to do this other thing, the first thing sorta up and dies. Stupid… things. Further compounding is the issue is that I’m down to working on the really tricky stuff on the site. And I don’t wanna work on the tricky stuff. So I don’t wanna draw and I don’t wanna work on the site. And I’ve (more or less) run through all of my buffer.

Basically, what I’m saying here is “waaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Self-indulgent? ‘Tis a bit, I’m afraid. So I invite you to come “waaaah” with me! That way you won’t be annoyed and I won’t feel bad wasting your time. Waaaaah!