Generic rage: cheaper than regular rage!

People wiser and more practiced at this than I have said it is unwise to let one’s politics slip into your comic. To such people I offer a hearty “fuck you,” because if I can’t push my man-hating liberal agenda here, then what’s the point of having a website? I managed to keep my mouth shut when the whole “fake geek girl” thing blew up earlier this month (mostly because I didn’t think to move on it until it had mostly petered out). But last weekend there was the #1reasonwhy thing on Twitter, and watching the reaction to that just pushed me over an edge.

Nerds are shitty to all sorts of people, but for brevity’s sake, let’s just take the most recent and recurring group. Guys, at the end of the day, how you should stand on how women are treated by the geek community comes down to two very simple paths. Just ask yourself the following. Do you regularly treat women like shit?

If “yes,” then maybe you should stop acting like a subhuman and learn to treat other people like a fucking person. If “no,” then what the hell are you worried about? You’re not the problem; fucking chill out. Accept that women are allowed to point out how hostile the community can be to them, and drive on. I know, it seems unfair that They get to bitch and moan about stuff that We don’t. Yeah, you know what’s also unfair? The disproportionate amount of bullshit They deal with that We don’t.

I’m sorry that this post is such a bummer, it’s just… God dammit, Internet, I can’t believe “hey, maybe not be shitty” is a discussion we really have to have.