And with that, allow me to welcome you to Sketched Comedy’s new server. Woooooo! For your purposes, it looks a hell of a lot like the old place. For me, it means an entirely new WordPress-powered backend on a server that’s mine to play with (read: break) to my heart’s content. I’ve been spending the past few days getting everything working correctly, but I am far from the most masterful of webmasters. So if you see a bad link or screwed up formatting or the ghostly visage of friends long dead, just drop me a note and I’ll do what I can to straighten things out!

One thing to note for those of you using the RSS feed to imbibe my humorosity: the URL has changed slightly. It is no longer . It is now . I’ve set up a 301 redirect on /rss, so with any luck you shouldn’t even notice the change. It oughta just bump you over gently to the new URL, like a spurned lover might quietly nudge someone into traffic. If its not playing nicely, however, just let me know and I’ll look into it. (Of course, if you solely use the RSS feed and it broke somehow, you wouldn’t be able to read this. But… uh… Well, let’s just hope everything went to plan!)

And finally, you may notice the site is a little… uglier than usual in some spots. The archive page, for example, is a prime offender right now. Sadly, some stuff is still a work in progress. I’ll try to get things looking nicer in the coming days as I acclimatize to the new backend. All the important bits of functionality should be here, however. As always, you can leave a comment below, shoot me one of them electronic mails, or tweetle-de-deet me.

As for the comic I posted up there… uh… well, I’ll just leave this block of text here as a placeholder. With any luck, I’ll come back and type up something before this goes up at midnight! It’ll be like Russian Roulette, but with words. Exciting!