They’re all about small government. So small it’ll fit inside a woman’s uterus, in fact.

Okay, okay, I’m done. This is the end of my little patri-arc-y. I’ve gotten it out of my system. Besides, with these two comics, all systemic sexism against women everywhere is solved, right? That’s how that works?

The next comic will be about some more funnierish. Probably something about Mass Effect 3, as that’s my most recent gaming conquest. If I do, don’t worry. I’m sure it won’t be anything at all related to the controversy surrounding the game’s ending. Totally sure.

In other news, I’m working a little here and there to try and get the site some more exposure. To that end, I’ve recently gotten Sketched Comedy listed on a pair of webcomics aggregation sites. The first is Just the First Frame. It’s a website that collects the eponymous first frames of loads of different webcomics and presents them in sort of a collage form. It’s a pretty cool way to browse, as it gives you just a taste of the joke. (And, for me, it’s fascinating to see a page full of joke set-ups without their punchlines.) It’s easier to show than to explain, so go give ’em a click.

The other site I signed on for is inkOUTBREAK. It’s kinda like StumbleUpon, but only for webcomics. It categorizes comics by tags, and as your browse comics you can thumb them up or down. It then uses the comics you’ve thumbed up to recommend other comics with similar tags. Its kinda new, and the interface could still use some work, but it’s a really neat idea.