S’weird. I woke up yesterday morning and suddenly had the urge to stop spending money, complain about today’s media, and point out to people exactly how doomed the world is. I was also super regretful of everything I’ve ever done in my life, but that part has happened every morning since junior high.

So, yeah. I’m thirty, which also happens to mean that the strip is two. That’s kinda neat. I’ve been staring at this blank prompt for entirely too long now, trying to think of something profound to write. I’ve sinceĀ abandonedĀ that and tried, instead, to deliver something funny. Sadly, it looks like that line is going nowhere as well. Check back with me at the end of this post, maybe I’ll have something then. In the meantime, I guess I’ll use this space for announcements or whatever.

As I mentioned a couple strips back, I kinda wanna work on something else. Something Else hasn’t been developing as much as I’d like. Which is to say, at all. Thus, I’m going to take some time away from Sketched Comedy to try and focus my creative energies towards this Mystery Project X. I won’t be posting a comic this Thursday. Service will resume on Monday.It feels weird to skip a day after two years of steady, unbroken strips, but… Clearly I can’t focus on two things at once. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about life, it’s that you will never find time. You have to make it.

Anywho, since this is a comedy website (no really, I swear it is, the name even says so), I won’t overshare a bunch of personal crap on why my dumb webcomic won’t show up again until Monday. Instead, I simply offer an apology and the hopeful promise that Mystery Project X will bear fruit.

Mmmmm… Bear fruit. I’mma go make dinner. ‘Till next week, folks!