Just a little something a cribbed from the Perry Bible Fellowship playbook. And MST3k, now that  I think about it. Because, hey, if you’re gonna steal shit, go big or go home.

Been doin’ some more backend work on the site. Spent a couple hours figuring out how to set up a testbed , getting it installed, and getting all the settings in place. I then proceeded to research options for a new comment system, for though the one I have in place is functional, ’tis less than ideal. After another hour or so of research, I decided sticking with what I have is the best course of action for the time being. Which meant I didn’t actually have anything to do with my newly created testbed.

Order of operations, people. Turns out they’re important.

Still, I suppose it can’t hurt to have a place to screw around without risking the live site. Indeed, I used to opportunity to change things a little so that clicking the link to leave a comment doesn’t make the page layout lose its goddamn mind. So that’s nice.

Every time I start a  new paragraph, I feel so certain that it’ll be the one that I’ll think up a good joke for. And yet, with each carriage return, we find ourselves further and further from the glimmering shores of Comedy Land, and closer and closer to the rocky crags of Jesus Christ, Is He Still Rambling? And so it is with a heavy heart that I simply put a bullet in this blog post right here. Ta!