So a while back, Dante Shepherd over at Surviving the World had an open call for guest art. He was busy helping create a human being from scratch and needed a little breathing room. I think he’s a funny dude, and I wanted to help out, so I cobbled together what errant brain cells I could and slapped the above one-panneler out on my tablet. He said thanks, but he didn’t run it.

Which is fine, really, because now that means I can run it on my own site! Which means I could slack off a little bit and not have to sweat getting a strip done for today! Which is great, because holy hell did that Ogre thing sap away a bunch of time and energy, and leave my poor hands a cramped, repetitive-stress-disorder riddled mess. Pretty sure I lost a pinky back there somewhere… Eh, it’ll probably turn up.

This should be the last of me bitching about paying work for a bit, as that’s finally starting to draw to a close. I’ve got something special I wanna run, but just haven’t had the time to focus on. Here’s hoping I can get started on that soon. Until then, enjoy my goofy-ass unused fan art!