I am no expert on The Jesus, and so – as it is with all things that I am not well versed in – I retreat to my usual fallback position: extremely cringe-worthy wordplay. Also run-on sentences, apparently.

Speaking of gods, I was taking a moment to brush up on my Avengers movies in preparation of the then-upcoming Avengers Movie and, while sitting through the credits of Thor, a thought occurred to me regarding incest. (This happens to me more often than I care to think about.) When I think of the Greek pantheon of pagan deities, two things come to mind: animal fuckin’ and family fuckin’. The former is mostly Zeus’ fault, but the latter is kinda endemic. So I sat down and had a good think about all the other pantheons floating around out there.

And it occurred to me that this is pretty much just a problem the Greeks have.

Weirdness with Odin the Allfather aside, you don’t really hear about Asgardians fucking their siblings. Nor does this really come up (hee hee) with the Egyptian gods. I’m not as familiar with Hindu deities, so I can’t speak much there. I’m fairly certain the Shinto kami tended to keep things decidedly un-Alabamian. The tribal American spirits had the sense to not create a family stump. So what the crap is Greece’s deal?

I mean, thanks for the foundations of modern civilization and everything, Greece, but seriously, what the hell.