Oh crap, I think they’re on to me.

Now what the hell am I supposed to do? Even my own characters aren’t willing to put up with my goofy bullshit. Don’t they know I don’t have any fresh material? I’m a hack, dammit, and I very clearly laid that out in their job descriptions before they signed on to this gig.

In fact, you know what? Any character not willing to work with the insufferably juvenile and stunningly lackluster sense of humor that forms the mainstay of Sketched Comedy’s content is no sort of character I want to associate with! You! Red-shirted guy with the weird hair point who I originally intended to be vaguely-Asian but totally went in some weird direction that I’ve never properly fleshed out! Play along or you’re fucking fired! 

…I gotta stop writing this crap at 2 in the morning.