I can’t possibly be the first person on the scene with this one. This movie must already exist, right? And if it doesn’t, I’d like to think my work here poses one simple question: why not?

I’d like to think I have more jokes to tell with a pair of undercover cops disguised as nuns that speak only in Bible verse, because that’s just the sort of premise I was born for, but I fear my wings are clipped by my, shall we say, rather rampant atheism. As much as I enjoy digging through online versions of the Bible to half-assedly wedge scripture into an admittedly paper-thin premise, my general unfamiliarity with the Word o’ God makes such a task tedious. Also? I might screw up and find something I like in there, which would mean I’d have to turn in my Atheist Self-Righteous Hate Card. And then where would I be?

Besides, what does God need with a comic strip?