Hah hah, jokes on her. I just outed her as a practitioner of witchcraft on the Internet! Something she… is proud of. And talks about extensively. Sometimes even on her blog. That’ll… show her…

Well, shit. Knew I shoulda stuck to jokes about dry humping.

As I was finishing up this strip, I stopped for a moment to consider the potential implications (and¬†repercussions) of basically saying that the love of my life is a mercurial bitch whose whims torment me with grand regularity and ferocity. But only for a moment. Because, dude, she’s mean. I don’t know where she developed this overly cruel sense of humor these past years. It certainly wasn’t from me. I’ve been teaching her to make fun of other people, so that just doesn’t hold water.

Must be all that awful TV I hear so much about.