And thus concludes our guest strip interlude. I hope you enjoyed them. I know I did. Because I used the opportunity to screw around for a few days.

While I’m certainly not at the end of any my many ropes just yet, there is a grain of truth here. I’m finding myself less and less happy with the work I’ve accomplished with Sketched Comedy, and have been contemplating another project. Don’t get me wrong, the site isn’t going away any time soon. Indeed, Thursday’s strip sits partially finished in another window as I write this. But I feel I owe it to you, my small but ardent readership, to mention that I’m contemplating shelving Sketched Comedy to some degree. More on this story as it develops.

Sorry to get all Real Talk on ya. Had to talk about it somewhere, somethime, though. And anyway, it was either this, or four paragraphs of me railing about how voluminous my hair is in reality. Dude. Seriously. My hair doesn’t stop at my chin. I’m like the unholy fusion of Alan Moore and a troll doll.