In space, the monster that’s trying to eat you can hear you scream. And it finds it very off-putting. Please stop screaming so much.

As of this writing, I’m playing a looooot of FTL, so space is kinda on my mind. (As of this posting, I suspect that Borderlands 2 will have supplanted it, but hey, that’s the price we all pay for me having a buffer.) Were one to shell it like a nut, FTL could be called a “spaceship management roguelike.” Basically, you have this hapless little space ship that’s trying to not die. Everything else in existence is rather keen on making sure it does. Oh sure, you have guns and robots and stuff on your side. You get to shoot back at the universe, as it were.

You probably shouldn’t bother, though.

The game is devastatingly fun, if not exactly for everyone.  Part of the point is that you’re going to get killed a lot, and if that’s going to be off-putting, then chart a course for calmer skies. On the other hand, if the thought of locking a giant mantis in the gunnery room and remotely opening the airlock to vent all the O2 whilst simultaneously fixing your shield generator and desperately rerouting power to charge the lasers so that you can finally kill this alien cruiser and maybe, just maybe, make one more jump before the enemy fleet runs you down and reduces your desperate run-on sentences to a puffy little cloud of atoms… then FTL is probably a game you’ll dig.