Words are dumb.

I’m sorry, I’m just lashing out.

I’ve decided that I am now nocturnal. Fuck you, daywalkers. I claim the night. If you’d like some context for that barely coherent outburst, it’s that I’ve been keeping odd hours of late. Which means I haven’t been sleeping well. Not that I’ve only been up during the numerically odd hours and asleep for the evens. That would actually be kinda cool. And this is decidedly uncool. And now I’ve gone completely pulled this paragraph off kilter. New paragraph.

I think what I’m basically trying to get at, kids, is that if you don’t sleep when it’s sleepy time and be wakeful when it’s wakey time, your brains will seep out your ears and form tiny puddles on the floor. You may think it’s fun to splash in those puddles, but in fact doing so will annihilate all cognitive function. And you need that. For .. brain… worky-ness.

I’m kinda tired, ya’ll, is what I’m saying here. Don’t stay up all night.