Oh, god. Oh, god, you guys. You guuuuuuys. Being a cartoonist is so hard. You have to think up all these jokes… and then you have to draw them. Oh my god, guys, you don’t even know, you guys, you guuuuuuuuys.

Christmas kinda snuck up on me (which should give you a crystal-fucking-clear vision of how firm my grip is on the world around me), so I’m afraid all I have to offer today is this joke that hinges on you being familiar with the world’s oldest form of dummy text. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of ol’ Lorem ipsum. Many a time have I visited the extremely useful lipsum.com. But I recognize that this isn’t exactly 24k comedy gold, here.

Or, hell, maybe it is. This is the Internet we’re talking about. The rules for what gets to be funny are different here.