I took the Woman of Willendorf in a direction other than pornography. I’m not sure if I’m proud or disappointed.

Work continues to be a thing, and it’s taking a hell of a lot longer than originally anticipated. Which is why you keep seeing blocks of text under my comics that read less like “ho, ho, clever jokes” and more like “durr hurr quaagg.” This one, I fear, is going to be no exception. So instead of trying to provide actual content here, like I usually prefer, I’ll use the opportunity to thank my readership.

I’ve seen some votes on Top Webcomics for Sketched Comedy that I know I am not responsible for. Which means they must all your fault. Thanks! Appreciate the support. I’m still seeing more traffic from StumbleUpon at the moment, but some people here and there seem to have found their way to the site via TWC. So thanks for that. In fact, thanks to any and all of you who have mentioned Sketched Comedy to your friends, loved ones, enemies, and animal spirit guides in whatever capacity. The traffic I see for this silly little website is pretty humble, but I really do appreciate the readership you’ve managed to help me build.

Of course, if any of my fans wanted to break onto the set of Good Morning America and hold the crew hostage in order to broadcast a message to the world about how much they enjoy the strip, I’d appreciate that even more. Just, y’know, a thought.