Apologies for any errors or implied team loyalties on Football Man there. Everything I know about football I’ve learned largely via half-glanced Madden box art. I think there are shoulder pads? And it somehow involves a ball. Regardless, one thing I do know is that there aren’t nearly enough puppies in it.

But then, what does have enough puppies, truth be told?

So the New Thing I’ve been blabbing about? Well, provided I can put the last pieces in place, I think it’s going live this month. My new webcomic is called Vagabond Starlight. It’s a thrilling sci-fi epic about normal people in space! And by thrilling, I mean “hopefully rather funny.” And by epic, I mean “it’ll have a coherent storyline, rather than random jokes.” And by space, I mean “space.” The story follows the crew of The Fool’s Errand as they do odd jobs in and around an asteroid belt. Stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Red Dwarf, and Farscape serve as primary inspiration fodder. (With a little Babylon 5 on the side, if I dare to dream.)

It’s gonna be a lot different than Sketched Comedy. I still plan on telling jokes with it, of course, but they’ll be more character and plot driven. I’m also sharing writing duties with Shadlyn Wolfe, so (thankfully) I won’t be flying solo anymore. The layout and art are also a little bit different, too. But that’s a good thing. Because, woof, I am so ready to start leveling up my art again.

Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on the new website. (Well. Not right now, right now. Right now I’m writing this post. But I guess that was implicit… Anyway.) After that, it’s just a matter of building a comfortable buffer and going live. Scary. Exciting! Hope to have something soon. Until then!