Not so much a rogue as someone who’s “roguelike.”

Three down, one to go on my little hit list of PnP RPG PCs. This series will wrap up next Monday, after which I shall return you to your regularly scheduled poop jokes, violence, and lame wordplay.

The rogue class – or its equivalent – has always been the one I find myself most drawn to when indulging in any sort of RPG. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because my first pen ‘n paper roleplaying game was Shadowrun, a cyberpunk/fantasy funhouse that features elves with assault rifles throwing fireballs at one another. Basically everyone is rogue in that game. Or perhaps is the sly cunning that is employed by the archtype. That idea of using one’s brainy bits to outfox traps, outmaneuver combatants, and outwit henchmen rather than going the typical fighter route of applying Heavy Thing A to Brain Pan B.

Or maybe I’m just a sociopath who enjoys sucker punching people with knives.