Sheesh. Even as a reanimated corpse, that poor orc just can’t catch a break.

And so it is that my little sidetrip into the land of fantasy and whimsy draws to a close. Thanks for coming along with me on this insane ride. Perhaps you found a chuckle or two on our trip. Perhaps it drove you to put a gun barrel in your mouth in a desperate search for sweet oblivion.  As long as something irrevocable has happened to you, that’s all I’m looking for.

I’ll be getting back to the normal sort of crudely constructed humor next Thursday. After this series, I’m thinking I should do something suitably grandiose. Y’know, like a one-panel pun or something. Jesus Christ, what was I thinking when I embarked on this set? Five panels! Who does that!

…Although, I’ve already got an idea of a joke for ranger. And I wouldn’t need to make a new character design for a barbarian. Hrmm…