Sometimes you just find yourself staring at a computer screen, thinking up jokes, and the thought pops into your head that, gee, Paula Cole sure is relevant to day’s popular culture. So you write down a joke about a song that topped the charts in 1997.

And then you go outside and softly weep at how truly disconnected you’ve become from all things hip.

In unrelated news, this should be (with any luck) the last strip I do on ComicFury. I’m currently in the process of shuffling everything over to my own server where I am running WordPress. ComicFury has been good to me, but it’s time to spread them wings and fly, fly away!

…That is, provided I can figure out how the hell all this stuff works. I swear, you spend your whole life thinking you’re a proper nerd, and then some program comes along and helpfully points out that you’re just an awkward social failure with who’s way into Star Wars.