Been on a bit of a science kick lately, and I’m takin’ all you fuckers with me. Actually, this was just a weird timing thing. After I did the last strip, I watched this video on Extra Credits. (An activity I am often wont to do. If you have even a passing interest in gaming, go ye forth and do likewise.) It occurred to me that, while a learning machine would be super neato, we probably don’t want to expose it to too much too fast.

Or at all.

I mean, seriously, have you seen the Internet? They’ll let any asshole with a keyboard put whatever puerile crap they want on that thing. Any place that let’s someone like me run loose is no place to unleash upon an unsuspecting newborn robo hyper-intelligence. I mean, shit, and you thought your parents screwed you up…

Oh, and one other small note. This is the first strip I’ve done fully digitally. Yay, woo. It’s… a bit rough, but hopefully you’ve come to expect crappy art by now. Really happy with the process, though, which is getting faster all the time. Could that mean a more frequent schedule? Mmmmmmmmm… We’ll see.