Now to just sit back and wait to see how many furries this strip pulls in.

In the meantime, allow me to direction your attention to the right and the bottom of the site. I have ads now! Sorry about that. Sort of. I’ll try to keep them from being too obtrusive. Someday I’d like to offer up merch or “gifts” for donators or any of the myriad other ways to “monetize” my little endeavor. But that’s for someday, not today.

Now that I’ve made money doing this (fuck yeah, 3 cents!), I’m technically a professional cartoonist. Because I’m self-owned and financed, that therefore means I’m an indie comic creator. However, I’m also running advertisements, a long held sign of someone selling out to The Man.

…Does that mean that I’ve simultaneously achieved snooty artistic legitimacy and sold my soul to corporate overlords in one swift action?

My puzzler hurts.