The alternative, of course, being that women simply take longer to go to the bathroom because of a number of physiological and social factors that in no way involve roller coasters. This explanation, however, is terribly dull and makes for poor comedy. The hell with reason, I say. Bring on the fanciful misrepresentation of reality! Things are much more fun with you’re living in an amazing technicolor dreamworld of mobile toilets.

I suppose the case could be made that I’ve already told this joke before. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m plenty aware of that. See? I even included that same bald character. My ways are subtle, no? That said, I suppose this does mean it’s about time I found something exclusive to the other half of our species and used it as a comedy vehicle. Unfortunately, the only thing that springs immediately to mind also involves bathrooms.

Or should that be “fortunately?” The bathroom is always good for a cheap laugh, and if there’s one thing we’re all about here at Sketched Comedy (dot com), it’s a cheap laugh. Right then, I’ve rambled on enough. Back to your life with you!