Droppin’ some science on yo’ ass. More or less. And I do hope that Simon-looking thing hanging on the cave wall looks more or less like a chore wheel to you good folks, because I’ve never actually seen one in the flesh. Er, poster board. Whatever. Easily the weirdest thing I’ve had to look up a visual reference for, so far.

If the strip isn’t sciency enough for you, go watch (or even just listen to) this video right here. In fact, just go watch all the Symphony of Science videos. Every time I find myself feeling crappy about whatever fucking stupid direction it looks like we’re all moving in at any given moment… I just go listen to an auto-tuned Carl Sagan say something mind blowing about our species. And then it’s all happiness and rainbows again! For a few hours. Then the crushing weight of humanity’s ineptitude drags me back down into the soul-shredding abyss of pablum and mediocrity that is life.

It’s a vicious cycle. But it has good music!