Like so many things, Twilight Sparkle put it best.

Hey, what is this shit. When did I get so preachy? This is a webcomic, dammit! I demand more fart jokes! Yeah, dunno where this one came from. I haven’t been at the epicenter of any particularly volatile religion/science debates or anything of late. This is more of just a general philosophy of on life I try (with… some success) to live by. I could pontificate on its finer points in great detail here, but I already wasted enough of your time with the Star Wars joke on Monday. It boils down to thus:

Be excellent to one another or I will fucking punch you.

Speaking of which; hey, look! Robot! I need to get more robots into this strip.

Oh! Uh, side note! The website might look a little weird in the coming days. Or it might change radically. (In fact, I’m really hoping for that last one.) I’m in the process of stumbling around in the HTML and CSS Forest as I get this website into something resembling a presentable shape. I finally have an idea of what I want, just no idea how to get there. Yet. More on that story as it develops.