Just playing around with some of the classics. Don’t mind me.

There’s a few little gaffs here and there in this one. For example, the detective on the left has his vest tucked in. I didn’t realize I’d done that until I started coloring the strip. Oh well! It’ll give me something to fix when I do the double deluxe super limited director’s cut edition of this strip when I collect Sketched Comedy into book form. Which will be happening sometime shortly after people start reading the strip. Which current projections put at… Um, 2073-ish. Hm. Anyone who preorders might be waiting on a while on that one.

But enough bitching about my art. While I kid that nobody is reading this thing, I do enjoy and appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten from people thus far. Thanks for sticking with me as I stumble my way through the webcomic minefield. I promise to try and deliver a bi-weekly dose of random hilarity to brighten up your otherwise me-less existence. And feel free to send me your comments, compliments, and comminations by posting here, twitting towards @Fox_Barrett, or sending an e-mail to fox@sketched-comedy.com.