Here we see illustrated the dangers of taking proverbs just a little too far.

So I’m experimenting with shadows a bit. Trying to make the art pop more. Long time watchers (hah!) will notice that this is why the art looks significantly less like ass than usual. This is primarily all Shadlyn’s fault, however. She’s a proper artist that does, like, paintings ‘n shit, so I’ve enlisted her aid on how shading should work. Among other things. Many… many… many other things… Oh, god… So many art things to learn.

So! If you like the less-ass-ness of Sketched Comedy, you can show your appreciation by reading Shadlyn’s novel, Moonstruck. If I actually manage to push any traffic her way (hah! x 2) it will make her feel good about herself, which in turn will make her more eager to help with my comic, which in turn will result in better art and jokes for you people. It might also help get me laid. Everybody wins. So go read Moonstruck. It can be found over here.