This guy was always intended to be recurring. And so now he has recurred. Which, as a time traveler, is probably something that happens to him a lot. Dude does has a tendency to cavort about the timestream with nary a thought to his effect on causality. Y’know, what with him being a douchebag and all.

I suppose, in all fairness, that poor guy was gonna get hit by the Great Depression regardless of his financial investiture. Even banked his money wasn’t gonna be safe. Still. That was a pretty douchey thing to do, Brad.

Trying something new with the art. Maybe it works, maybe it don’t. We shall see.

For those of you reading this in the US: happy 4th of July. Yay for patriotism and stuff. For those of you not reading this in US: happy normal day that has absolutely nothing to do with the liberation of your country from the tyranny of taxation without representation. Yay for Google changing it’s banner image to celebrate something you probably couldn’t give less of a crap about.