Based on a true story. That means something akin to the above hilarity did actually happen here in meatspace, but that I took a few liberties to expand the comedic potential. For example, I would never climb a rock wall with my hair down. That’s just silly. And thus, a comedic liberty I have taken with the story.

I will not comment on whether or not I actually fell on my ass after only going a foot up the wall.

I will, however, mention that I managed to screw up one my fingers a bit. That’s why Monday’s strip was just a really, really simple one-paneler. Looking at it now, my extremely underperforming mutant healing factor seems to have kicked in and I have retained full use of my hand. And that would be why you got this seven panel monstrosity. Lucky you.

That actual quality of the art, however, remains wholly the result of my innate abilities, and is in no way a reflection of the (thankfully temporary) damage that my hand sustained. No matter how much I wish it were otherwise.